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JR Hehnly's blog

Crowd-sourced Phone Network Coverage Maps

If you have an Android phone, particularly if you are a storm chaser, here's a company compiling their own crowd-sourced phone network coverage maps using an app that runs on your Android device in the background, occasionally checking the data connection and sending your position back to their servers. They're still adding to the maps as more users sign up. Storm chasers using this could really help fill in the gaps in rural areas. to see their current maps or more info, or point your Android phone to their QR for the app:

Changes to Sprint Voice and Data Coverage Coming March 1 to Oklahoma and Kansas

Beginning March 1, many Sprint users in Oklahoma and Kansas will find that their voice and data will be limited to roaming access only. This will mean data connections will be limited to non-3G (1X), and you may incur additional charges for roaming use. Here's an animated image I made showing data coverage "before" and "after":

How to Disable FLVPlayback SeekBar Control in AS3

I ran across a problem where I needed to disable a seek bar/scrubber bar in a video player based on a FLVPlayback component in Actionscript 3 using on of Adobe's provided contol skins. A Google search gave me solutions that worked for people in AS2, but I found many with the same problem an me in AS3. The best solution I found was to change the skin source code to allow for disabling the bar, but I really didn't want to do this and have another swf to maintain, so I finally figured out my own solution, shown below.

Southwest Oklahoma Tornado Video - November 7, 2011

Here's some of the video I captured from my dash camera on November 7 while chasing southwest Oklahoma along with Steve Miller. We counted a total of nine tornadoes that day, the largest being rated an EF-4.
Check out my still images from this chase here

Tipton, OK Tornado and Car Roll-Over - November 7, 2011

Here is my dash video of storm chaser Andy Gabrielson's rollover accident behind the Tipton, OK tornado. Steve Miller is the other voice with me in the vehicle. You see many other chasers pausing their chase to make sure Andy was OK, which he was. Despite media reports to the contrary, this accident was not a result of any wind or debris from the tornado.

Blocking Annoying Facebook Apps

Apps can be annoying for some Facebook users. Friends playing apps can leave a newsfeed cluttered with random announcements of their wonderful accomplishments on Big Truck Driver, Jewel Collector, Russian Mob Killers, or whatever app happens to be popular that day. There is an option to 'hide' and app's post by clicking the 'x' on the right of the post and selecting 'Hide':

Loop of NWC Cam, 2011-08-10, 1445-1600 UTC

Loop of images taken once per minute from 1445-1600 UTC on August 10, 2011


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