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Changes to Sprint Voice and Data Coverage Coming March 1 to Oklahoma and Kansas

Beginning March 1, many Sprint users in Oklahoma and Kansas will find that their voice and data will be limited to roaming access only. This will mean data connections will be limited to non-3G (1X), and you may incur additional charges for roaming use. Here's an animated image I made showing data coverage "before" and "after":

Apparently Verizon won (outbid?) the use privileges from the regional cellular companies in these areas, so their coverage should IMPROVE in these areas after the change. Additionally, it's been said that Pioneer Cellular, who owns many of the cell towers involved, has already built in the infrustructure for 4G LTE data in these areas.

See this Sprint page for more details.

Looks like I'll be making a trip down to the Verizon store soon!

Via HamWx via Texas Storm Chasers via Sprint