June 12, 2004
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June 12, 2004 - South Central Kansas, Mulvane Tornado

This image is a capture from my video of the Mulvane, KS. tornado. There have been no enhancements made to the image.

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Chase route

Left Oklahoma City around 5pm. Targeted developing storms just north of Kansas border.

6:19, I-35 approaching Kansas border.

6:40-7:00, I-35, 5 miles south of Mulvane exit. Watched the developing meso to the northwest. Waited for it to pass over the interstate before going north to the Mulvane exit.

7:09-7:11, Hwy 53, 3 miles west of Mulvane. Watched tornado develop to our southeast while being pummeled by golfball sized hail and strong RFD winds from the north. Saw numerous power flashes and then a rainbow as the sun came out.

7:13, Hwy 53, 2 miles west of Mulvane. Tornado touches down again and doing damage as it tracks toward the town of Mulvane.

7:26-7:36 Hwy 53 at Rose Hill Road, 5 miles east of Mulvane looking west. We got in front of the meso and got to see the Mulvane tornado in it's entirety. Toward the end it kicked up a large red dust cloud.

7:50-8:10, US 77 in Rock. Watched meso wrap back up again west of the town. Decided it was time to move farther east again.

8:20-8:30, County Road 2, 2 miles east of Rock. Another tornado forms near the town of Rock. The sun came out just as the tornado was forming.

8:56-9:02, Cowley County Road 2 in Atlanta. Another tornado forms to our south. It's rapidly getting dark making the funnel hard to see, but the debris cloud stands out on the lighter horizon.

9:13, Intersection of Cowley County Roads 2 and 7, looking southwest. Another debris cloud is barely visible on the horizon. Only able to see the funnel in the lightning flashes.

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