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Use by permission only. Chase Positioning System (CPS)

Now available for download... see below!!!

My position and webcam image shown LIVE while I'm out chasing!
Here's how it works:

On the laptop in my vehicle I have an application, CPS.exe,  that records my position, speed , and direction of travel from my GPS. At regular intervals, when I have an internet connection, it will upload this information to the server. I can get a connection either by wifi or through my cell phone connection with Sprint. The Sprint network connects at 115 KBps which is more than adequate for me to be able to send this info along with a webcam image being send by Webcam32 software.
Here is a screenshot of the CPS application running in my vehicle
On the server there is a script that runs when you access the GPSlive page. It looks at the file with the GPS information and requests a map image from Google for the latitude and longitude of my position when the file was last updated. It also shows the last webcam image uploaded. The script is written in PHP and can be viewed HERE.
The original CPS was set up to capture a Mapquest map and was written in Perl. That script can be viewed HERE.
The map page using this code is viewable HERE.

Click HERE to view the CPS live web page.

Download latest version of CPS to experiment with. Currently running on Windows XP only.
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This software is for individual use only and may not be sold or used commercially.
If you select 'save settings on exit' your FTP username and password are stored on your computer in a non-encrypted text file.
This software is still in testing phase, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please provide me feedback to make it better.

11/10/05    CPS.exe v1.32
New version made to work with Google Maps PHP script. Fixes GPS time/date issues.

10/12/05    CPS.exe v1.31  *not compatible with new PHP Google maps server script
First public release, uses the Perl server script.

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