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Mame for Epods
Thanks to Darren Finck for working on this project.

This is how the original MAMECE looked before Darren changed it to work on Epods
CAPT0007.gif (5068 bytes)

Here's the Ms. Pacman just after starting
CAPT0000.gif (4997 bytes)

This is the attract screen with the full size epods keyboard. Fortunately the keyboard doesn't redraw over the game when the keys are pressed, but when I initially turned on the keyboard it was on top of the game screen until the scene changed and drew on top of the keyboard.
CAPT0001.gif (24029 bytes)

This is as far as the Galaga rom made it. Also, the mini stylus keyboard is shown.
CAPT0002.gif (7962 bytes)

This is the screen before starting a game
CAPT0005.gif (5538 bytes)

A view of the registry at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Keys
CAPT0006.gif (12381 bytes)

Galaga working on MAMECePods build 2
CAPT0008.gif (5200 bytes)

Here's a capture from build 2 interface
CAPT0009.gif (9429 bytes)

epodslg.jpg (40214 bytes)