AMW-Christmas 1998
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These pictures are from our company Christmas party. Click on an image to enlarge it. I don't really remember, But I think there was some drinking and some cigar smoking going on that night...

P9147006.jpg (28323 bytes)
I'm trying hard to look cool,  Mike and Robert definitely have it down.

P9142711.jpg (30552 bytes)
Don't even ask me what's going on here...

P9142335.jpg (26679 bytes)
...or here

P9147939.jpg (25508 bytes)
Looks like Louis and I just finished a Clinton joke... Mike is not amused.

P9147620.jpg (28333 bytes)
Here's most of our glassy eyed crew, it must be late.

P9144817.jpg (27924 bytes)
Robert and I settle into an intellectual conversation as we munch our stogies.  

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