Keystone, Colorado
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Mountaintop Audio System Installation

Keystone, Colorado - October 1997

My company got a chance to do a system here, just a walk away from the Keystone ski area. When Louis Domgard and I arrived it started snowing. The storm ended up being one of Colorado's biggest snowstorms ever! We missed the really deep stuff, but couldn't leave for a few days due to the closed roads.

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Somewhere near Boise City, OK there is a huge steel dinosaur and someone who obviously had too much spare time.

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These are from the trip home.

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Return trip

September, 1998

Mike Taber and I spent a whole day on some long hiking trails. We saw lots of interesting scenery.

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We found an abandoned mine and sluice box. The mine had been filled in, but there was a hole showing. We were too chicken to climb down inside, but I held the camera in and hoped the flash would show us what was there. We didn't know until the film was developed.

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On the way back we stopped off to see the Royal Gorge. Kinda neat, but the pictures not too exciting.

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