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Turner Falls Park near Davis, Oklahoma

October 28, 2001

20011028_065.JPG (62161 bytes) 20011028_063.JPG (57401 bytes) 20011028_064.JPG (58568 bytes)
Kathy and I stopped by on the way back from Dallas and snapped some pictures.

Ft Worth, Texas

June 13, 1999
Went to watch some races at Texas Motor Speedway. Here's what else happened...

08089901.jpg (25040 bytes)

08089902.jpg (23051 bytes)

08089903.jpg (27263 bytes)

08089904.jpg (25893 bytes)

Kari rejects my advances

Bored with the band, I found a party balloon to inflate.

My head is spinning!!

Trying to catch a beaver...

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