May 3, 1999 - RAW
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May 3, 1999 - RAW

May 3, 1999 RAW Video Trailer (click to play)

This hour long video features uncut video from my chase of the storms that ravaged Oklahoma on May 3, 1999. I have counted no less than 10 tornado touchdowns on this video, though it's not continuous tornado footage. You will see some of the storms developing as I drive to intercept them.

There is no music or commentary, you only hear the sound from the ham radio as storm spotters call in tornado after tornado. After the F5 makes its way into Oklahoma City you will also hear the local FM broadcast as damage reports and calls for help are coming in.

The second part of the video features a drive around Oklahoma City in the days after the tornado to view some of the damage.

For more information about my May 3, 1999 chase visit my image and summary pages.

This video is in DVD format, comes with an attractive DVD case, and ships via USPS Media Mail. (VHS version available on request)

To purchase your own copy, select your shipping destination then click the 'BUY NOW' button to be taken to a secure PayPal site. No PayPal account is needed for purchase. Oklahoma residents will be charged 8.375% sales tax.

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