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See the system now running at

We are now testing the system with multiple simultaneous observers.
Want to be a beta-tester? Click here for info.

View the PDF documentation for this project

A preview of the new system can be seen at
NOTE: This link is to a work in progress and may not always be available or fully functional, there are known issues with the temperature and dewpoint markers on internet explorer.

This system will be available to all chasers and spotters, letting you upload position, images, weather station data, or even manually entered observations to our server. The idea is to get simultaneous real-time views and data from around a storm event, and to archive the data for future weather research after an event.

ToDo List:

  • Put webcam capture and upload functions into CPS.exe for ease of use and so that picture and position files are made simultaneously. DONE

  • Set up mySQL database to enable archive for both webcam and position. DONE

  • Provide system for multiple chasers to be tracked simultaneously on map with tracks clickable to show webcam at that position. DONE

  • write provision for CPS to store position and webcam files until internet connection is made, then uploading all starting with latest first DONE

  • Set up server to show weather station plots on the Google map at the position the readings were taken. DONE

  • Set up observer database to display names and equipment information on the map screen.

  • Make provision to capture and upload mobile mesonet station data to send realtime temperature, dewpoint, windspeed and direction.

Here's the planned look for multiple observers around some weather event.

New: Added grlevel3 placefile for location and info for any users online, just add to your placefile list.