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October 4, 1998 - Northern Oklahoma

mesa.jpg (10700 bytes)
SH 412 west of Orienta looking north at a scudnado (as a real tornado was on the ground near Watonga, 40 miles south! Bummer!!!)

road_flood.jpg (17035 bytes)
SH 8 north of Carmen. Caught on flooded roadway while hail passed. Car got a few more trophies from some golf ball size stones. I thought I was going to blow off the road from the RFD!

flood2.jpg (12911 bytes)
More flooding on SH 64 west of Jet.

house.jpg (14355 bytes)
Off of SH 64 west of Jet. Took a mud road to get around flooded highway. Not a smart move. I made it through, though. I'm not saying this home was damaged by today's storms!

June 13, 1998 - Guthrie, Oklahoma Tornado

Guthrie1.jpg (13952 bytes)
I-35 near Edmond looking north. Good looking supercell over Guthrie.

08180009.jpg (24259 bytes) 08180010.jpg (24665 bytes)
I-35 south of Guthrie looking north. 6:41 PM CDT. My first tornado!!!

Guthrie2.jpg (11905 bytes) 08180011.jpg (23959 bytes) 08180012.jpg (28465 bytes) 08180013.jpg (26783 bytes)
I-35 south of Guthrie looking north. 6:42 - 6:43PM CDT. This one dissipated pretty quickly.

08180015.jpg (26277 bytes) 08180014.jpg (28940 bytes)
I missed the damaging ones in Oklahoma City today, but a fun chase anyway!

June 9, 1998 - Fredrick, Oklahoma

060998-1.jpg (15800 bytes)
SH 183 south of Frederick. The views of the sun illuminating these towers made my bust chase worth the effort.

08180008.jpg (25044 bytes)
SH 183 south of Frederick. Mean looking, but non-tornadic.

060998-10.jpg (14482 bytes)
SH 183 just south of Frederick. Developing storms gave a beautiful sunset.

June 8, 1998 - West of Oklahoma City

08180007.jpg (25312 bytes)
I-40 near El Reno, OK. 8:25 PM CDT.

08180005.jpg (25507 bytes)
060998-2.jpg (15465 bytes)
I-40 at SH 81 exit looking east. 8:32 PM CDT. This storm really looked significant, headed straight for Oklahoma City.

May 26, 1997 - Eastern Oklahoma

08180003.jpg (29064 bytes) 08180004.jpg (28702 bytes)
SH 177 at SH 9 in Tecumseh looking E. 6:50 PM CDT. Towers were really starting to grow.

SH 9  just west of Seminole. 7:11 PM CDT. This one looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud!

SH 99A 2 miles east of Cromwell looking south. 8:15 PM CDT. I never saw the tornado, but got some good lightning shots.

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