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June 29, 1999 - Texas Panhandle

06299901.jpg (25161 bytes)
An awesome sunset with mammatus overhead and strong cells to the west. Texas Panhandle SH60 East of Canadian looking W. ~9:45PM

06299902.jpg (26752 bytes)
Texas Panhandle SH60 East of Canadian looking W. ~9:50PM

06299903.jpg (27199 bytes)
Texas Panhandle SH60 East of Canadian looking W. ~9:50PM

06299904.jpg (45276 bytes)
Wide angle lens using infrared mode and waiting for lightning showed this bell shaped storm with a lowering underneath. I-40 East of Clinton, Oklahoma looking NW. ~12:00AM, 6/30/99

May 31, 1999 - Northwest Oklahoma

West of Arnett, OK. Got into some hail today, but not much else. About 4pm the convenience store in Arnett became 'Chaser Central'. About 10 cars all pulled in at once. The locals became concerned and wanted to know when the tornado was going to arrive.

May 3, 1999 - Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak

My May 3, 1999 tornado pictures may be viewed by clicking here

08180027.jpg (7433 bytes)

April 25, 1999 - Texas Panhandle, Western Oklahoma

08180018.jpg (26047 bytes) 08180019.jpg (25991 bytes)
After waiting all day NW of Childress, TX. we finally got a storm to pop up, with this lowering. Of course it was about to get dark...

April 22, 1999 - Eastern Oklahoma

08180016.jpg (26046 bytes) 08180017.jpg (26923 bytes)
Old SH 62, 4 miles west of Henryetta looking NE. ~8:00 PM CDT. I believe a warning was issued for this storm, but I never saw anything promising.

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