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June 5, 2001
Woodward, OK Supercell

Chase Route

Northwest of Seiling on US281, approaching a developing storm.

About 7pm. Watched a slightly rotating wall cloud for about 30 minutes between Woodward and Sharon.

East of Vici, OK. About 9:30 pm.

About 5 minutes later, I had pulled over to watch the incredible lightning show. These two images are from 2 consecutive frames, 1/30th a second apart. It looks like it comes off my hood. Consensus says these bolts were reflections inside my camera from a bolt overhead.

May 30, 2001
Sulfur, OK

7:45PM. Went South of Oklahoma City after work to some storms near Sulfur/Davis, OK. Nice row of cells developed, but they dissipated quickly after dark.

May 6, 2001
Central Oklahoma Storms

050601map.gif (85587 bytes)
Chase Route

May 5, 2001
Southwest Oklahoma Storms

050501map.gif (30986 bytes)
Chase Route

2001051102.jpg (76411 bytes) 2001051101.jpg (66405 bytes) 2001051103.jpg (60174 bytes)

2001051104.jpg (69581 bytes) 2001051105.jpg (69089 bytes)
We got some really nice rainbow shots, coming in from the west as the storm was intensifying.

I'm thinking I need a new wide-angle lens. This one doesn't like my camera.

2001051106.jpg (74462 bytes)    2001051107.jpg (65284 bytes) 
After getting in close we found a nicely rotating wall cloud under the southwest end of the storm.

(Unfortunately, we left this storm in favor of a developing cell just to the South, fearing the Northern storm would be cut off. Of course it ended up producing a tornado about 20 minutes later near Cordell. Lesson: NEVER leave a rotating wall cloud!!!

2001051108.jpg (70323 bytes)    2001051109.jpg (78564 bytes)
These are looking at the rain shafts on the other side of the lake at Quartz Mountain. The pictures don't do it justice.

2001051110.jpg (101063 bytes) 2001051111.jpg (95714 bytes)
The sign says it all: Peace On the Plains

April 14, 2001
Southwest Oklahoma

Southwest Oklahoma around 5:30 pm. Not much to see today except rainbows. I wonder if Gene Rhoden knew he was framed under one.

April 6, 2001
Vici, OK

Downtown Vici, OK as serious outflow winds blow into town. The black objects in front of and on my vehicle are parts of the roof from the cleaners to the right of me. It pelted us pretty good.

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