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F4 tornado damage from May 12, 2004 near Harper, Kansas.

Pictures show what's left of a two story home and surrounding farm. In the second picture the owners have left photos of what the site looked like before the tornado

The couple who lived here survived on the park bench shown in the right picture, they were in the basement.

This is what's left of a Chevy or GMC truck. No frame, engine, wheels, seat....


Things imbedded in trees, last one is a steel fence post.

Another home shows extensive damage about a mile away.

May 8, 2003
Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Damage

Estimated tornado path and area where pictures were taken

Traffic on I-35 and 4th street in Moore as I tried to get home after taking a final in Norman.

North side of SW 134th just west of Santa Fe.

Damage west of I-35 just north of 12th street. Numerous restaurants and hotels were destroyed in this area.

May 3, 1999
Moore, OK tornado damage

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