April 21, 2004
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April 21, 2004 - Central Oklahoma

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2:30pm, US81 south of Minco. Waiting for storms to fire.

4:20pm, US77 at I35 north of Purcell. Lots of rising motion, but I saw no rotation.

4:30pm, US77 at I35 north of Purcell. Hail to the size of quarters covers the roadway. I saw plenty of damaged cars in Purcell. Mine was already dented.

4:35pm, US77 at Hwy39 in Purcell. Looking at cells to the south.

4:50pm, Hwy39 6 miles east of Lexington. Nice developing towers to the southeast.

4:55pm, Hwy39 11 miles east of Lexington. A funnel hangs out the back of the storm.

5:15pm, US177 6 miles north of Asher. I leave the storms as they move into eastern Oklahoma.

6:20pm, US177 10 miles north of Asher. New storms are developing back to the west, near the metro.

6:45pm, US177 near Shawnee. Nice lowering. Again, no rotation. Got into more large hail near I40.

6:55pm, I40 5 miles east of Shawnee.



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